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With over 100 years of combined experience in transportation, it's no surprise many people choose Clement Truck Driving Academy for their training provider. Our truck driving school in Missouri educates drivers across the Midwest.


The school you choose to attend is just as important as the company you choose to work for.

You need a school that has real experience in the transportation industry. With a combined experience of over 100 years, Clement Truck Driving Academy is the perfect school for you to become a safe and productive driver.

Structured Training

Our Curriculum is designed to train drivers as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible, providing the transportation industry with highly qualified individuals.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes allow students more time in the truck for training, allowing them to be more focused, safety-oriented, and professional drivers.

Training Based on Real Experience

The training you will receive is based on our real experiences as drivers - problems we have encountered, and how we solved those problems.

Job Placement Assistance

Clement has partnered with over 70 employers to offer successful truck driver job placement to our students once they complete our CDL training courses.

Automatic and Manual Transmissions

Worried about not being able to shift gears or double clutch? We have an automatic truck you can use for road training.

Training for More Than Just Driving

We teach you more than just how to drive a truck. You will learn real-world trucking theories that you need to know in order to do the job, not just drive the truck.

Clement Truck Driving Academy was a great place to learn with wonderful employees! They always made sure I knew everything I needed to be able to pass all my test and get my CDL within 4 weeks. I highly recommend attending Clement Truck Driving Academy.
Angela K.
Columbia, MO
These are true professionals and as long as you are honest and hard working, you listen to them and never give up on yourself, they will help you get to where you are trying to go.
Sebastian W.
Waynesville, MO
Great big thank you to Clement Trucking Academy.  The individualized, personalized instruction was amazing!  Each instructor is there to help you excel.  Nothing like passing your CDL with confidence!  My family thanks you!
Susan B.
Conway, MO
Great facility, with a personal family feel. The Clement family went above and beyond with the hospitality, even RJ one of the instructors went above and beyond to make the experience a welcome and comfortable environment. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to get in the industry, I wouldn't have received the level of quality training they provided if I went anywhere else. Thank you Clement for the experience that I needed to get ahead in this field!!!!
Joshua E.
Utica, NY
Clement Truck Driving Academy was an amazing experience. I went from knowing nothing and with the help of the instructors I was able to obtain my cdl. I had an amazing time there and met some amazing people I’m glad I went to this school.
Matthew M.
Scott City, MO