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Two-Week CDL Refresher Course

Program Information

In our two-week CDL refresher course, students will review the same curriculum covered in our one-week session. The only difference is that instructors will present the material at a much slower pace. This is an ideal option for someone who has been out of the trucking industry for a longer period. A steady review of CDL skills and techniques can better prepare you to return to the trucking workforce.

How Does Training Work?

Experienced and licensed instructors will review essential topics to help you prepare for the CDL test. During this Class A refresher course, you’ll relearn everything you need to know, including the following skills:

  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • Upshifting and downshifting
  • Double-clutching
  • RPM and speed control
80 hours
Drug screen: $30.00
Physical: $70.00
Housing: $250.00

* Must hold a current CDL

For pre-trip inspection instruction, we go over the most updated industry process. Unlike tutorial videos you may find online, our training is accurate and contains current practices to prepare you for safe trips. Our teachers are all licensed commercial drivers, so you can trust that their instruction is valuable.

We’ll also run through several driving exercises to give you ample practice. If you feel particularly rusty on any skills, our small class sizes allow us to help you in the areas in which you need the most CDL refresher training.

You'll have more time to learn the things necessary for either passing the CDL test or refreshing your skills for your company. You’ll not only improve your credentials on paper, but also see these results when driving on the road. Whether or not your job requires refresher training, it can be a valuable way to hone your skills and make you a better driver.

Apply online to start our two-week CDL refresher course in Missouri as soon as possible.


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