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One-Week CDL Refresher Course

Program Information

The one-week CDL course in Missouri is a refresher program designed for students who hold a Class A CDL license and just need a bit of help getting back into the industry. As this is a one-week course, you can expect it to be a bit faster-paced than our full Class A course.

In this one week, you'll learn many things, including coupling and uncoupling procedures (hooking and unhooking of the tractor and trailer), upshifting, downshifting, double-clutching, RPM and speed control, and driving exercises. We also provide comprehensive pre-trip inspection training so that you can properly prepare your vehicle before you start your journey. This training gives you an accurate understanding of pre-trip procedures; online videos often share false or dated information.

1 Week Refresher
Drug screen: $30.00
Physical: $70.00
Housing: $125.00

*Must hold a current CDL

All instructors at Clement Truck Driving Academy hold a CDL, so you’re learning from experienced and qualified teachers. Once you’ve completed this one-week comprehensive instruction, you’ll be more than ready to return to the truck driving industry.

How does training work?

In our truck driver refresher course, most of the material should be a review of skills you already have. Students can expect to move through material at a brisk pace so that they can get back in the job market quickly. Our ability to successfully reeducate drivers has led to high job placement rates.

We believe small class sizes allow for more effective instruction, so we make this a priority. You’ll have the freedom to ask questions in a supportive environment. We care about your success, and we’ll help you reach your maximum potential in just 40 short hours.

Clement Truck Driving Academy provides the refresher knowledge you need to start driving again professionally. Students who require a slower pace can check out our two-week course, where we cover topics in a bit more detail.

Apply today to start our one-week CDL course in Missouri.


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us: 417-532-3331 or email We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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