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Student Financed

Self Payment of Tuition has several perks!

If you are able to pay for the cost of your tuition, you will definitely earn your money back. Truck Driving Companies are willing to pay you back for the cost of your tuition (usually up to $7,500.00) in monthly payments. This is in addition to your normal pay as a driver for that company. You are also not confined to a carrier as you are with company sponsorship, so you are free to work for any company you choose.

Many of these same companies also offer a sign-on bonus for joining with their company. If they don't have to pay a driving school the tuition for sponsoring you as a student, they will usually pass that on to you in the form of a sign-on bonus. These bonuses can range anywhere from $1,000.00 to $7,500.00. It just depends on the company you choose to work for!

Ready to get started? Fill out an application and let us pair you with a rewarding career as a truck driver with the best carriers in the industry!