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Class B Truck Driving School in Missouri

Program Information

Students who don't want to pull a tractor-trailer combination can enroll in our Class B truck driving school. This training program is designed to quickly and efficiently train people wanting to drive a vehicle with a weight rating of 26,001 pounds or greater, but not quite on the scale that is an 18-wheeler. With a Class B CDL, you'll be able to drive a multitude of vehicles. With this training, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully pass the permit testing and Missouri State Highway Patrol examination to obtain a Class B CDL and become a professional in the industry. Students will learn how to parallel park, 90-degree dock, and many more important driving techniques to become a safe driver.

How Does Training Work?

During this training course, students will learn the proper method to perform a vehicle inspection, CDL backing maneuvers, as well as safely operating the vehicle under a variety of road conditions. Mastering these techniques will be crucial to a truck driver’s daily routine. We’ll focus on the following skills:

  • Straight Line Backing
  • Offset Backing
  • Parallel Park
  • 90-Degree Alley Dock
class b
80 hours
Drug screen: $30.00
Physical: $70.00
Housing: $250.00

If a student already has their permit, the information taught during the first week of the Class A CDL class will be reiterated to ensure understanding of the knowledge provided. You'll also learn a ton of driving theory, including mountain driving! If a student does not have their permit, it'sAlso included in this CDL prep course is thorough instruction in pre-trip inspection. Online videos typically have outdated or incorrect information, so our class is the most effective way of learning this process.

After working on backing and inspections for a bit, students will be introduced to road driving, where they will be working on turns, roundabouts and double-clutching, and upshifting and downshifting, depending upon whether or not they wish to test in the automatic. After completing this two-week program at our Class B truck driving school in Missouri, students will then test at the CDL testing site. Apply now to get started! completely fine—you'll learn all of that in your first week. This will include the following endorsements: Doubles and Triples, Tanker, and Hazmat.


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us: 417-532-3331 or email We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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