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Driver Shortage

The Transportation Industry Needs Drivers!

At Clement Truck Driving Academy, we don’t just provide you with CDL training to get your Class A, we ensure you become a professional driver. We want to be sure you can obtain employment with the best trucking companies.In order to qualify for training, you must meet our enrollment requirements.

The current shortage of drivers will increase prices on consumer goods unless transportation companies can find drivers to move freight. Predictions indicate that 890,000 professional drivers will be needed by 2025. These statistics also show that a truck driver can make, on average, $45,000 to $70,000 annually.

What's holding you back? Companies are willing to pay for your training. It's a perfect time to earn your Commercial Drivers License and we've got a wonderful opportunity for you. You can graduate our courses in as little as 3 weeks and be on the road.